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E-Book: “How To Improve In Floorball"

E-Book: “How To Improve In Floorball"

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This 101 page guide will teach you everything you need to achieve your goals in floorball.

This guide is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Train like a professional player

  • Improve technically and tactically

  • Understand and improve at your specific position

  • Interviews with pro players


Frequently asked questions...

1. What is "How To Improve In Floorball" designed for?

"How to Improve in Floorball" is specifically designed to cater to the needs of advanced floorball players looking to refine and elevate their skills and strategies.

2. Who is the intended audience for this e-book?

This e-book is tailored for advanced floorball players as well as beginners seeking to further enhance their performance on the court. It assumes a foundational understanding of floorball basics.

3. Does the e-book include advanced training drills and strategies?

Yes, the e-book delves into advanced training drills, tactics, and strategies to challenge experienced players and help them reach their peak performance levels.

4. Can players reach out for personalized support or questions about the e-book?

Absolutely! We encourage players to reach out with any questions, seek clarifications, or request additional support related to the advanced content in the e-book. You can contact us at @floorballfrenzy on Instagram.

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