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The Floorball Mentality Book

The Floorball Mentality Book

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10 Things this ebook will teach you:

  1. Become so confident your coach has to play you
    Be the player that has the confidence to take the deciding penalty, make the deciding pass in the last minute, and take the winning shot
  2. Build the right habits (and get rid of bad ones)
    Learn how to quit social media and other bad habits, and replace them with better practice, meditation, training and learning
  3. Learn how to stay calm during matches
    Stay calm during matches to play to your full ability. Make the right decisions despite outside pressure from family, coaches and teammates
  4. Build discipline
    Learn how to stay disciplined even during tough moments and dark times by building habits that lasts
  5. Train more effectively
    With the right mindest you'll be able to train better than your teammates by having more focus, recovering from mistakes and becoming a better player way faster
  6. Learn how to play as good in games as in training
    With the right mentality, mindset and training, you'll have no problem performing in games just like you do in training
  7. Setting Goals
    When you set the right goals, they will help you stay motivated and help you become better and better every single day!
  8. Stay focused for longer
    With extreme focus you'll be able to stand out in both matches and in training by taking quicker and smarter decisions
  9. Stay Consistent over a whole season
    Staying consistent on the pitch starts by being consistent outside the pitch, we'll show you how to build good habits,setting goals and developing the work-ethic to train everyday
  10. Don't let mistakes affect you
    The pros have the ability to forget mistakes in an instant, and this is exactly what we will teach you


Who is this for?

This ebook is for YOU if you are the type of player that want to have the confidence needed to step up for the games' deciding penalty,

the confidence to make the final dribble in the final minute,

the confience to let you play to your full ability,

the calmness during matches to make the right decisions even during stressful matches,

the mentality to make every scout, every coach, and every team turn their head,

have the discipline to train in any condition, in any weather, when everyone else is playing video games...

This eBook is ONLY for players who are serious about going pro,

most players don't think the mental side of the game is important...

but Pro players know...

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